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In Their Room If They Were Human - Custom Pet Portrait Memorial Art



In Their Room If They Were Human - Custom Pet Portrait Memorial Art

What kind of room would your pet hang out in if he was human? Would she be a sophisticated author in an expansive library with a view of the Hudson? Would he be a bohemian riff-raff in a 19th century opium den? The sky is the limit, and the more complex, the more fun!

Let's put our heads together and imagine a truly original piece of art for you, starring your best friend.

This illustration will be done using a combination of ink, acrylic and watercolor on heavy-duty, 100% cotton, acid-free paper. The larger you go, the more objects I can include. An 8x10 can fit your pet, a piece of furniture, and a few accessories (See the Bunny portrait above). A 9x12 can fit a couple more accessories, and so on. Keep in mind when you order how complex you'd like the image to be, and please choose your size accordingly.

This listing is for an oval composition, but other shapes are available. Just convo me for a price quote. If you need help finding an oval frame, let me know.

This project will work in 3 phases - the Discussion, the Sketch and the Final. 100% of the payment is refundable *before* I begin the Sketch. 50% of the payment is refundable *before* I begin the Final. Because of the custom nature and time involved creating this project, I'm unable to issue refunds otherwise. HOWEVER, I will certainly make any compositional changes you require on the sketch, and any color/value changes you require on the final piece for no extra charge.

Here's how the process will go:

The Discussion:
-You send me a convo and a few pics of your pet, along with his/her name. Also you may wish to include a little bit about their personality and your ideas for their room, if you like OR...
- You may leave it up to me to envision what their room looks like.
- We come to an agreement about the general atmosphere, time period, objects, colors, furniture style and animal pose included in the illustration. We can do this over the phone or email.
- Once we've come to an agreement, you send payment.

The Sketch:
- I spend time gathering reference photos (at which time I may ask you to send more pics of your pet from different angles, close-ups, etc).
- I create a black & white value sketch. This takes 1-2 weeks.
- I send the sketch for your approval, and discuss any changes you require. The value sketch will look exactly the way I envision the final piece, minus color, so you won't have ANY compositional surprises. Once we get the sketch to your liking...

The Final:
- I create the final piece of art. This stage also takes 1-2 weeks.
- I send you an image of the final piece for your approval, and you may request any color or value changes. Any compositional changes at this point may require an extra fee. Your satisfaction is very important to me, and I'll work on this till you love it!
- I mail you the final piece.

I look forward to working with you, and "meeting" your pets!

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