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Technicolor Watercolor - Custom Pet Portrait Memorial Painting



Technicolor Watercolor - Custom Pet Portrait Memorial Painting
Custom pet portrait. Pet memorial art created from your photos. Dog portraits, cat portraits and other animal portraits. Unique, one-of-a-kind drawing from a professional artist. Excellent gift idea.


In my quest to find an inexpensive style for my clients (i.e. a quicker style for me), I hereby declare victory. Introducing the Technicolor Portrait!

Your personalized pet portrait will be done in high saturation watercolor, with occasional pastel, on high quality Stonehenge paper made especially for this media. The best photos for these portraits are ones with high contrast. Think nice, bright sunshine and dark shadows.

Please see my bio for credentials, and you can browse a more extensive portfolio at

This portrait will be mailed flat. If you're ordering from outside the US, and I don't have your country's shipping cost listed, please write me first and I'll give you a shipping quote.

Here's how this will work:

1 - Choose your size and send payment. I'll confirm and send you a convo.

2 - Send me photos of your furry friend(s), and explain a little bit about their personality if you like (that always helps). The more, the better, but I'd like at least 3-5. Some people send me links to their instagram, flickr or facebook albums of their pets. That works really well because then I can usually see any angle and detail I need, and you don't need to go through the hassle of choosing and emailing them. If you have a color preference or preference on which photo to use, please let me know.

3 - I begin work on your drawing! Because of the custom nature of this drawing, once we have come to an agreement on which pose we're using and my work begins, I'm unable to give any refunds. BUT...

4 - Rest assured, if you want me to change anything, I will work on the painting until you're happy with it! Once I begin work, the painting will take between 1-2 weeks depending on size and your timely approval.

5 - I mail it to you.

Thanks for reading all that, and I really look forward to "meeting" your beloved little guy or girl!